If you want to spend some quality time or one day picnic trip with your dear once then you are at the right post

Every fort has unique important history behind it, The Nagardhan fort is one of those which is not constructed on a hill or on Mountain. This beautiful and well design fort constructed on the plain surface.

Main entrance of Nagardhan fort
Main entrance


The best panoramic view of the surrounding area from the fort makes your one day picnic trip fantastic

As per the resources “Nagardhan, ancient Nandivardhan, It is the first capital of  Vakatakas, Located in 34 km northeast of Nagpur and about 10Min. ride from Ramtek, and thats your picnic destination.

Who built or constructed this Great fort is a mystery. Seriously, If you ask any local person they will tell you various statements. The Nagardhan Fort was the capital-cum fort of the many Empire. The fort was under the rule of Gond Raja, Wakatak Nal, Swamiraj and Raghuji Bhosale in their respective time.

Information board of Nagardhan fort
Information board of Nagardhan fort

Many articles and research also show that ”The fort was reconstructed several times to protect the motherland”. Constructed Square in shape, it has an outer rampart with bastions and had an inner wall surrounding the buildings.

Due to its Square shape construction and bastions which allow defensive fire in several directions which makes Nagardhan fort a unique identity. The fort of Nagardhan is enclosed by an outer rampart which is towered with bastions. The outer fortification is escorted by an inner barricade that surrounds the main fort.

Main Gate Of Nagardhan fort
Main Gate Of Nagardhan fort

Big entrance gate facing towards the north-west, It feels very nice when you see such a well crafted and eye catchy design on that giant gate with all these iron rods and nails.

Nagardhan fort is the great example of precaution is good instead of cure because when you enter from the main gate there is a huge rectangle lobby might be used for a waiting room or something doesn’t know exactly.

Along with lobby, there is a second big gate surrounded by beautiful stone sculpture art.

As this fort has an important place as the interior buildings get additional protection by its construction design.

Apart from that huge entrance, Nagardhan fort has a Goddess Durga temple which is set up underneath the ground level and availability of small well as a water source.

Archaeological Survey of India, set up a separate wall hanging frames providing information related to the fort and nearby places.

For the safety measures, Now ASI already installed steel railing to avoid accidents.

Nagardhan fort and Shaniwar Wada have many similarities like internal structure completely destroyed if we talk about the living rooms, Conference room etc. Hence, the Archaeological Survey of India is taking care of this monuments for beautification and remains of national importance.

Although this is a wonderful place near Ramtek, still many people in and around Nagpur are not familiar with this fort.

So get ready Nagpurians to visit “The fort which stands fearlessly to protect us.”

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