Harishchandra Garh, the Place is very well known to the most of Mumbai as well as Pune’s crowd as it is centrally located. Many people like us drive themselves here to release the pressure of day to day routine. Not only from this two places trekkers and nature lovers from all over Maharashtra come here for wildlife adventure.

Just in time plans always comes with really surprising events. Yes, right? and that happens with us.

We begin our 2 days and 1-night trekking campaign from Pune, Which around 3-30 Hrs. drive to the destination (Base Village) with many Tea-time breaks.


After crossing the mud road ride, we reach the base village. we reload our tummy by having such a tasty Chicken Handi, Pithle-Bhakri, Poha and Pakodas are recommended to all. Most of the villagers provide with tasty food at a very affordable price.

Jungle Trekking:- Start trekking early to get a panoramic view of the beautiful forest.

Although you walk daily basis in city life, only your willpower help you in Jungle. The path was awesome only if you have an idea of the right route, otherwise, it brings you the unwanted surprises. Yeah, the really awesome sometimes that mislead you from actual path. Like we lost for half an hour.

Jungle trekking Harishchandra Garh
Not only jungle tracking, but you also need to aware of rock climbing a little because there are two difficult patches of verticle climbing.

If you want to visit Harishchandra Garh then go there at rainy season. You heard it right “you will get Eye-catchy scenes from your naked eye’s “. Rainy season make this trek little harder than the normal seasons but you definitely get surprisingly awesome visual of five waterfalls in single Shot.

Walking 3-4 Hrs., crossing many valleys with dear once will definitely boost up the enjoyment to the next level.

After so many halts we met a person who looks alike resident of base-village turn-out a caveman (Mr Satish Bhau). We take some Grass-tea(Gavti Chaha)mouthwatering hot milk in his cave which made our day fabulous.

Man-Made cave with friends

We reach the destination but don’t know where we supposed to go at that point. It really dark, we really got surprised the next morning while exploring nearby area.

Found the treasure, yes we found the cave finally after a long and scary night at the temple.

Place you must visit once
Temple Harishchadreshwar 

Temple view

This temple is one of its kind, showing the fine art of sculptures created out of stones. Around this temple there a few caves & water tanks.

Shivling(Kedareshwar cave)-

the huge cave of Kedareshwar, in which there is a huge shiv linga, which is completely surrounded by water and hight may be almost six feet from the base, In rainy season It is quite difficult to reach the Shiva Linga because of the water.

Konkan Kada:- best place for trekking lover only 20 min. away from Kedareshwar Temple.

It provides views of the surrounding region like many waterfalls and mountains.
A key place to visit as it gives outstanding feeling once you reach there, Due to the concave shape of Konkan Kada.

I can surely say that the next tour will definitely explore more about this lovely place which I forgot to visit this time…

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